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On an Unbreakable Journey

Sigh it out!

October 1, 2023

When we’re upset, stressed, ecstatic, sad, what would be your first reaction to recenter & bring yourself back to your normal state? A big breath! Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, psychiatrist and co-author of “The Healing Power…

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Finding Calm

September 17, 2023

We all know yoga claims to make us relaxed, flexible, and bring a general sense of calm. What most people don’t know is that yoga is so much more than this. It is a fitness…

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Fit Parenting

September 3, 2023

In a few short weeks I will have been a mother for 2 years. I love watching my little nugget grow and develop! The other day I was scrolling through social media.  Something catch my…

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Happy First Birthday!

August 23, 2023

Happy first birthday Fruit Cove! We can’t believe it’s been one year. Nothing is perfect and opening the Fruit Cove studio had its own challenges. We were delayed a month because of construction. Technology failed…

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Everything is better with chocolate!

August 20, 2023

After COVID, the world felt isolated and sometimes it’s hard to find a group setting that feels comfortable or you get something positive and uplifting in return. In May of 2023, US Surgeon General announced…

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Continuing education

July 2, 2023

This summer, 3 of our amazing teachers are pursuing additional yoga education & training. Nancy and Tiffany are headed to Asheville, NC, while Emily is doing her continued education virtually. Yoga teacher training is a…

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Congrats Emily!

June 26, 2023

Most of you know that beautiful green eyed girl when you walk into the studio, she’s the person typing a response to your email or text and answering the phone when you’re running late… EMILY!…

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What you need to know about Sound Therapy

June 18, 2023

Did you know Tiffany is a certified Sound Therapist? What does that mean you may ask… Just like yoga is more than movement, sound therapy is so much more than making sounds. Sound healing uses…

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June 4, 2023

Do you feel alone? I know for me, I’ve had dark times when family and friends are close but seem far away. I have no interest in engaging with others. I sleep more, I crave…

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5 Year Anniversary!

May 24, 2023

In 2016, I never thought I would walk again, let alone run after my 19 month old! Boy does the time fly, I can’t believe Titanium Yoga has been open for 5 years. It seems…

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