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Is my first class free?

No, we offer a 30 day into offer for $47.90 or if you just want to try a class book a drop in for $25.

I was charged $15 to my account, what is this for?

That’s the no-show or late cancel fee. Please cancel class 3+ hours prior to class time to avoid that fee.

Are mat, towel, and water included with drop-in class?

For an additional $4 at time of purchase, yes! We have everything you may need for rent at the studio. A mat is $3, mat towel $3, face towel $1 & water $1.50.

After the 30-day intro will I be automatically charged for a membership?

No, you have to purchase a package or recurring membership online or at the studio.

I did the 30-day intro special; can I ever sign up for that again?

Unfortunately, no, but we have other great packages for you!

I don’t want to pay monthly for a membership, what are my other options?

Drop-In class $25, 10 class pack $220 (expires 6 months after purchase) or 7 pack for $150 (automatically renews once 7 classes are used).

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Platinum Members

How do I cancel my membership?

Email [email protected] & your Platinum or Platinum Plus membership will conclude 30 days after receipt of the email. In other words, you must e-mail 30 days prior to the day you would like to cancel.

I am going out of town, can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, we do 30, 60 or 90 day holds at no charge. Once hold is complete, billing will resume automatically. For an unspecified return date there’s a $30 per month fee. You cannot place your account on hold for less than 30 days.

Is the platinum membership a contract?

Yes, there’s a 3 month minimum.

How does my free guest get enrolled in class?

Your discount code will be emailed to you on the 1st of every month. Your guest will create an account & book their desired class online using your specific discount code.

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I want to bring a friend with me, should they sign up in advance?

Yes! Have your friend pop on to book the class they want. Payment will be taken at time of booking.

I want to give someone yoga (membership, one-month, drop-in class, intro special), how do I do that?

Please call the studio & we are happy to help you with this!

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How do I schedule my yoga classes?

We ask that you are ALWAYS enrolled in class before coming to the studio. Go to to reserve your spot.

How do I cancel a class?

Please cancel class 3+ hours before class start time. To cancel go to & the book button will turn to a cancel button.

How many times a week should I practice?

We recommend 2-3 times per week to feel the benefits physically & mentally.

I'm new to yoga but my schedule does not align with any Silver/Beginner classes, what should I do?

You have lots of options! Schedule a private lesson, which start at $90 per hour or come to whatever class fits in your schedule & tell the instructor you’re new to yoga.

I feel like I am not experienced enough to go to a gold/titanium/diamond class, what should I do?

Don’t doubt yourself! Come to any class & listen to your body, there’s always child’s pose & modifications. If you’re still concerned, schedule a private lesson which starts at $90 per hour.

I’m trying to sign up for a class, but it is full. What happens now?

You can be added to the waitlist. If someone cancels and a spot opens, you will be placed into the class and get an e-mail that you made it in. If you’re subscribed to our text messages you will get a text.

Which classes are for the beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi?

Oxygen & Silver are great for beginners. Titanium is an all-levels class. Gold & Diamond are more challenging and faster paced.

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Your Body

I’m not able to touch my toes! Can I still practice yoga?

Yes! Most people can’t, that’s why you should come to yoga- to practice!

Do I really need to take Savasana?

YESSSS! If you must question it, you 100,000,000% need it! Savasana allows your mind and body to rest and absorb the practice of yoga. Did you know Savasana can help calm the mind, central nervous system, lower blood pressure & allow you to soak in everything you just created in practice.

I have an injury, should I tell the instructor?

Yes! We will put notes in your profile but we always recommend telling each instructor individually so they can offer modifications.

What do I wear to a yoga class?

Yoga pants or shorts & top. You’re welcome to remove your top during class if you’re wearing proper under garments.

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The Studio

What kind of flooring is in the studio?

We used mixed martial arts flooring so it’s comfortable on your knees & joints. No one wants to work out on carpet or a hard floor. Now, balancing is more challenging BUT your abs will thank you!

I don’t like to practice without music, do you play music in your classes?

YES- In every class & all types!

What is so special about infrared heat?

It’s a type of heat without humidity that warms you from the inside out. Benefits include pain relief, collagen production, increased range of motion, boosted metabolism, reduces cellulite, increases blood circulation, nourishes damaged tissue, releases toxins & helps you sleep better!

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