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Meet Ashley.

The Unbreakable Force Behind Titanium Yoga.

Prior to starting Titanium Yoga, Ashley worked in the fashion industry in New York, Chicago, and Dallas. An active lifestyle had always been a part of Ashley's routine, first by playing sports and later by trying out boutique fitness studios. During this time, Ashley could not have realized the impact staying in shape would have on her future. She never thought fitness would save her life.

On March 3, 2016, Ashley was involved in a near fatal car accident. After being airlifted to the hospital, she spent 8 days in the trauma ICU and underwent multiple surgeries to repair a fractured femur, broken shoulder, and crushed hand. Ashley was told she would never return to the lifestyle she had always known and loved.

After spending months in a wheelchair and doing extensive physical therapy, Ashley's progress was minimal and her recovery was looking bleak. Despite being unable to build enough muscle to walk or the strength to grip a glass of water, Ashley was determined to be stronger and more comfortable in her body than she was before the accident. Then things took a turn for the worse - her health insurance ran out.

Feeling stuck and not knowing where to turn, Ashley confided in her surgeon and he suggested she try hot yoga. Ashley put her life in his hands once and hoped this second time would improve the quality of her life. Willing to try anything, Ashley took an Uber to a Dallas yoga studio and sat in her wheelchair. The heat of the room erased her pain and instantly, she was hooked. Every day she went back for more and little by little, Ashley began to build muscle. Her wheelchair gave way to a walker, and then to a cane, and eventually she was free.

Ashley learned that through yoga, she could be strong and pain-free, a better version of the person she was before the accident.

Titanium Yoga is named for the hardware inside of Ashley's body. The studio was born not only from the fateful car crash, but also from her passion for helping others to overcome traumatic experiences of their own. Inspired by the practices at studios she experienced on her travels, Ashley created Titanium Yoga so that you too can become unbreakable.