July 22, 2022

Why we love our clients!

From your first steps through our doors at Titanium Yoga, you’re greeted and guided through your yoga practice on and off the mat. Our clients here are amazing at staying consistent in their practice & definitely hold themselves and yogi neighbors accountable. Our doors open 30 minutes prior to class start time so you can come inside and get in the heat! We can always count on a few clients to get there early with us to claim their spot & settle in. We have couples who practice together, teenagers joining their parents, beginners, & clients who are working through their own unbreakable journey themselves. We love to hear your stories too- what brought you to Titanium, what injuries you may have, if you’re a total beginner, or have been practicing for 30 years!

“I am in love with Titanium yoga! I have severe pain, chronic pain and it’s my home away from home other than the beach. From the moment I walked in I felt safe and peaceful. They have everything I could possibly need so I don’t have to bring anything which is a huge blessing. The teachers are artists at their craft. Each one is different but the essence of Titanium is peace. The premium products, facilities, and of course the dimly lit studio are the icing on the cake. The sessions have decreased my pain and given me inner peace and strength ??” -Anonymous

We are SO lucky to have the best clients! As an instructor & manager, it truly feels like my friends and family are walking through the doors rather than just students. I get to hear about your weekends, your vacations, & maybe how you just need to get away for an hour ;). It’s incredible to see the mental & physical transformations in our clients from just 1 class, and then again from the next 500 classes. There is so much love and respect at Titanium Yoga & if you’ve found us, you’ve hit the jackpot, too!