February 18, 2024

Emily’s Pregnancy Journey

This summer, my husband and I found out we were finally pregnant with a healthy baby. We are expecting our baby girl in March & couldn’t be more excited. Yoga while pregnancy has helped me learning to slow down my pace, incorporate more breath work, meditation & strength training, but ultimately listen to my body. I look forward to what the future has in store for my personal practice & teaching schedule! I am practicing to take things day by day, be patient and kind with myself & learn to slooooow down.

Practicing yoga & mindfulness has definitely helped me in the process throughout pregnancy. The physical practice itself has allowed my body to stay open to all of the changes pregnancy brings, as well as helped with any discomfort so far. Mindfulness & meditation have been my primary practice these days as I am nearing the last few weeks and preparing myself mentally for labor. Establishing a strong mentality, as well as a physical body, is so important & has really eased any of my worries or concerns about birth. I think staying active has been the best thing for me during pregnancy & hope other mamas-to-be can find the same relief, confidence, & strength to do the same.

More info about yoga for pregnancy. Also, if you’re looking for the most pregnancy friendly class at Titanium Yoga, it’s called Oxygen. Pro tip, tell your instructor you’re expecting!