May 24, 2024

Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy 6th birthday, Titanium Yoga! What a journey it’s been! We’ve become mothers Bowen (Sarah M.), Dylan (Sarah M.), Ella (Emily), Calvin (Ashley), June (Lauren P.), and Tucker (Lauren P.). It’s heartwarming to hear about Sabrina and Emily finding love and marrying brothers, becoming family. Rafa, Lina, and Nancy’s adventures inspire so many in our community with their amazing travels.

Two thriving studios are a testament to the positive impact we’re making, one yogi at a time. Our goal is to expand up north show a new community of people what Titanium Yoga is all about and spreading wellness further. And Tiffany’s enthusiasm for retreats and the upcoming teacher training speaks volumes about the passion within Titanium Yoga.

It’s clear that Titanium Yoga is not just a place for physical practice but a community that supports and uplifts each other. Here’s to many more years of growth, connection, and transformation!