July 7, 2024

How becoming a yoga teacher changed my life

YTT Transformation: How Becoming a Yoga Teacher Changed My Life

I began my yoga journey in 2017. Funny enough, it all started by meeting a yoga instructor my
husband worked with. It seemed like fate brought us together, and she passionately shared
how yoga had transformed her life. We became fast friends and soon she was telling me about
yoga teacher training and intrigued as to what all the hype was about, I signed up! Did I
mention I had only taken 2 yoga classes at this point?!
And thus, my adventure of self-discovery began. But before we get too far ahead, the
adventure wasn’t always smooth sailing. However, every moment, challenge, and difficulty has
unquestionably been worth it. I had just signed up for Power Yoga training, which proved to be
tough, sweaty, and a rigorous test of my physical, mental, and emotional strength. I was so
disconnected from my body that it felt like I was rediscovering the locations of my arms and
legs all over again. With time though, I found alignment, balance, fun, strength, freedom, and
the joy of moving. That initial connection between mind and body had me completely
captivated, reconnecting me with a profound sense of self.
I began to understand the benefits and healing yoga had to offer. My mat became my sanctuary
to turn off my overactive brain and drop into the present moment. I truly fell in love with this
I will never forget all the laughter, tears, stories, studying, learning, support, growth,
connection, and sense of community I felt during my training. Something magical happens
when a group comes together to support one another and focus on being the best versions of
themselves. And this isn’t just specific to my own Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) group, I have worked with multiple trainings and have watched this magic happen every single time.
When I started my YTT, teaching wasn’t even on my radar—it sort of
happened by accident teaching my first class. I vividly recall it like it was yesterday; it was a
complete shit show, to be honest, but quite funny looking back! Despite the shakey start, YTT
had ignited a sense of determination and inner strength within me. I tapped into that newfound drive & I wanted to improve, to learn, to evolve. I did exactly that.
During my training I learned so much about yoga but even more valuable I learned so much
about myself. The insight I gained about myself has altered who I am and continues to inspire
me towards being the best version of myself and sharing my passion for yoga with everyone I
meet. What I learned about yoga has allowed me to create a dream career I could of only
imagined 6 years ago. I have met so many incredible, knowledgeable, kind, loving, wise humans
along this yoga path-many of which I get to call my friends and students.
Over the years I have made this my full-time job, led yoga retreats around the world, taught
over 2,000 classes, attained certifications as a 500hr yoga instructor, sound therapist, led
workshops, manage Titanium Yoga Fruit Cove, and soon guide new yogis through YTT! All this to say, I am so eternally grateful for this path, its wild ride, and the incredible places it has led me so far.
Everyone’s journey with yoga is unique, but I genuinely believe there’s something valuable to
be gained from practicing it. You have the power to make a difference. Participating in yoga
teacher training can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth, building
connections, finding community, and unlocking adventures the universe is holding ahead.
So, what’s holding you back?
If you feel a pull, it might just be the perfect time to dive into to the inspiring, beautiful, wild,
transformative, empowering world of being a Yoga Teacher!

Tiffany Howard

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