August 5, 2022

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy, it’s music to my ears. I am so deeply passionate about sound therapy, I believe it has something to offer everyone. It is an experience that is different every time for everyone and it is just pure magic.

So, what is a sound bath? A sound bath is a deeply immersive listening experience (and no, there is no water involved). It’s referred to as a “bath” due to being immersed in sound and vibration from a variety of instruments: Tibetan bowls, frosted crystal quartz bowls, gongs, chimes, flutes, and more. It is a meditative experience in which many things can happen for a person, there is no “right” or “wrong” experience. Some people report extreme relaxation, recollection of forgotten memories, processing grief, anger, and trauma. Feelings of pure happiness and bliss. Reduced pain in the body, decreased stress, clarity, visions, better sleep quality. The experience is yours.

Sound is powerful. We hear our favorite song or rain on a tin roof and are instantly transported to another place mentally and physically. Our body softens, our brain waves slow, a sense of happiness and ease washes over us. The same goes for the opposite, the sound of traffic or nails on a chalkboard, we instantly tense and our body releases stress hormones.

Sound not only travels through our ears but through our skin, muscle, bone, it touches every part of our being. When sound meets intention, that’s when healing happens. Sound + Intention = Healing

In a Sound Bath, you are able to lie back and receive. We spend so much time doing and giving and this is a space to refill your cup.

Our brains are typically operating in a state of Beta (fast paced brainwaves, decision making, problem solving) and in a Sound Bath most people can drop from Beta to Alpha (slower brain waves, relaxed) fairly quickly. And often times people enter theta brainwaves (associated with deep meditation, increased creativity, mind & body healing occur).

I have seen first hand and personally experienced the many benefits of sound therapy. I would love to have you join us at our next Sound Bath and/or answer any questions you have.