September 9, 2022

Why Fruit Cove?

We are so excited to be open in Fruit Cove on Racetrack Rd!About 3 years ago I was driving to meet Tiffany and got pulled over on Racetrack Rd., while waiting for my ticket, I looked around and saw this awesome strip mall that was being built. I thought to myself, “I bet Titanium Yoga would do awesome here!”. Soon after, the building was complete and we put an offer on the space and we were denied! Then this little thing called COVID happened and boy was I happy we weren’t opening in the depths of COVID. Once life started “getting back to normal” the building reached back out & said we have one more unit left and we’d like you to occupy the space. I love when things come full circle!​​​​​​​​
Speaking of full circle, a little over 4 years ago I met Tiffany Howard. She applied to be a yoga teacher on We met at Table 1 (RIP) for wine during happy hour. We had a glass of wine & I’d like to say “fell in love”. As the years passed, I got to know her, became friends with her, meet her family and adore her as a friend and yoga teacher. Lucky enough, Tiffany lives around the corner from the Racetrack Rd. studio and it seemed fitting that she would manage the location. ​​​​​​​​
For over 4 years, we have met incredible people with incredible stories & I can’t wait for us to grow! We can’t wait to meet YOU and become a part of your UNBREAKABLE family!​​​​​​​​