September 17, 2023

Finding Calm

We all know yoga claims to make us relaxed, flexible, and bring a general sense of calm. What most people don’t know is that yoga is so much more than this. It is a fitness regimen, yoga can bring about transformation or enlightenment, & serve as a treatment for addiction, migraines, PTSD, heart disease, chronic stress, and even Crohn’s Disease. For the brain, yoga can aid in memory & emotional regulation, attention, and self-awareness.

Yoga has been studied and documented for hundreds, even thousands of years, with much research to back it. Nowadays, yoga practice is incredibly wide-spread throughout the US, as well as the entire world. Practice might be at a park, school, yoga studio, detention center, outdoor amphitheater, the beach, mountains, or even the comfort of your own home. As yoga spreads to assist those in need, yoga for first responders has been especially prevalent- allowing police & fire stations an hour to practice physical yoga, as well as breathing exercises & deep relaxation and meditation to help endure the challenges of putting their lives on the line. In contrast, Yoga 4 Change, is a local non-profit that brings yoga to inmates as an option for daily activity. It’s 60 minutes to shift focus outside the confined walls of prison, outside of their physical bodies, and tune into the mind. Want to read more from this National Geographic article?

Titanium Yoga is a safe space for all to practice yoga. Those who have never practiced, seasoned yogi’s, those recovering from a physical or mental ailment, or those who just want to sweat in our studio, this is the place for you! We strive to create the most welcoming environment, inclusive to absolutely everyBODY that walks through our doors. Come join a class, and experience the amazing benefits yoga has to offer- no matter what you’re going through, we think yoga can help! To book your visit: