July 2, 2023

Continuing education

This summer, 3 of our amazing teachers are pursuing additional yoga education & training. Nancy and Tiffany are headed to Asheville, NC, while Emily is doing her continued education virtually. Yoga teacher training is a path to personal growth, taking your practice to the next level, and deepening your roots in the yoga culture. 

To be a yoga instructor, you’re required to have a 200-hour certification but once you fall in love with what you do and focus in on your craft there’s so many additional trainings you can focus on like: prenatal yoga, sound healing, Ayurveda, reiki, master Yogi 500-hour, yin yoga, Bhakti training, trauma the list goes on and on. These additional trainings develop skills that will impact both your physical and mental health for years to come. Most importantly, we hope they impact all our yogis!

Yoga provides Nancy with a never-ending opportunity to learn and explore. The practice has been around for thousands of years, yet Nancy don’t believe anyone can say they know it all.  Once you’ve peeled back one layer there is another layer to take you deeper-physically, mentally and spiritually.

Additional training gives Nancy the chance to apply newfound knowledge to a teaching level. She loves sharing this wonderful practice!  Exploring workshops and training gives Nancy the tools and confidence to provide a safe and challenging environment for everyone to expand their practice.

Tiffany manages & teaches at our Fruit Cove location & is going to complete her 500-hour certification in hopes to train new yogis. When you become a yoga teacher, we all say, “I want to teach full time”. That is unlikely for 99.9% of yoga teachers. It’s mentally, physically and emotionally taxing not to mention most aren’t at the skill level. Tiffany is an introvert and yoga helped her step out of her shell, learn a new perspective and embrace her creative side.

Our Ponte Vedra Beach manager & yogi, Emily has been teaching yoga for over 5 years, and has managed our location for the past 2 years. Emily’s yoga training is always growing, & is working to complete her 500-hour certification virtually. The business of yoga has been her most recent focus in additional training, as well as better ways to evolve her teaching style & expertise. She teaches primarily vinyasa based classes but is also certified in Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra, Pre/Post-Natal Yoga, & Ayurvedic Nutrition.

Yoga is a culture and community that should be shared. Here at Titanium Yoga we hope to have the most creative, knowledgeable and motivating instructors. Wish Nancy, Tiffany, & Emily luck on their summer school classes!