August 20, 2023

Everything is better with chocolate!

After COVID, the world felt isolated and sometimes it’s hard to find a group setting that feels comfortable or you get something positive and uplifting in return. In May of 2023, US Surgeon General announced a loneliness epidemic. What if you could be a part of a group setting that left you feeling comforted emotionally and physically? Check out the Psychology Today article about the loneliness epidemic.

What is Cacao?
Cacao is a powerful superfood that offers a boost of energy without the crash of modern stimulating beverages. It can help cut through the mental clutter, enhance focus and concentration while opening the heart, making self-expression, creativity, and connection flow. All while creating a gentle state of euphoria. Cacao comes from the Theobromine tree, translating to “food of the gods” and has been used in ceremony for hundreds of years, often served as a hot beverage.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?
The whole ceremony is full of intention and connection. Within these ceremonies, participants come together to create a mindful and meditative experience. They often incorporate gratitude for the cacao’s journey from source to destination, intention setting, meditation, journaling/self-inquiry, sound healing, and sharing what is on the heart. Every ceremony is beautiful and unique.

Why Attend a Cacao Ceremony?
We all benefit from expressing more gratitude and taking time to slow down and just be. Cacao ceremonies create a safe space for people to come together, connect, and honor what is in the present moment. The process is meditative and reflective and cacao has this magical way of pulling us out of our head space and overthinking, to a space of clarity, presence, and love.

Interested in trying a Cacao Ceremony? When was the last time you let yourself connect within on a deeper level, held space to just be and feel, and had a profound sense of gratitude and peace? Join us at Titanium Yoga for our next Sound Bath + Cacao Ceremony workshop