June 7, 2018

Nailing the Basics

When I took my first yoga class, I was really nervous.

Hard to believe now, I know, but new experiences can be intimidating, and it’s important for those of us who feel at home in the studio to make sure we roll out the welcome mat for those who are trying yoga for the first (or second or third) time.

Making the decision to come to the mat shouldn’t be stressful.

I want to walk you through two core poses you’ll find in most of Titanium Yoga’s classes. Being confident in these poses will not only take some of the pressure off joining our classes for the first time, but also help you be more calm and ensure you can enjoy your class, not just survive it.

To begin, focus on clearing your mind. You may find that listening to the music will help you allow your body to heal, build muscle and rejuvenate.

Let’s start with Chaturangas.

Here, Titanium Yoga teacher Julie Neiman shows us what a Chaturanga looks like:

Start in plank position. In plank, hands are shoulder-width apart, feet are hips-width apart, head and sit-bones are in one straight line and core is actively engaged.

Keeping your elbows hugged in by your sides and using your triceps, lower down to a half push-up.

On an inhale, come into Upward Facing Dog by flipping your toes to kiss the mat and activating your arms so that your thighs and shins stay off the mat (you can always lower them down if you need to).

On an exhale, press your gluteus to the air and press back to Downward Facing Dog. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed by spreading them to the outside so that they’re not tense and up by your ears.

Next, the Sun Salutation.

Start by standing firmly at the top of your mat, with your weight distributed evenly in both feet.

On an inhale, sweep your arms up over your head, and on an exhale, fold forward – keep your head relaxed, with no weight in it.

On an inhale, lift up halfway by planting your hands on your shins and making your back look like a tabletop, gazing towards the end of your mat and lengthening out your spine.

On your next exhale, fold forward and keep your knees bent as much as they need to be until your hands touch the mat. Place weight in your hands and step your right foot back so that you are in a runner’s lunge. Engage your gluteus and raise your arms up over your head to either side of your ears to come into Warrior I.

Ready to learn more?

Check our class schedule here. Titanium Yoga has classes for all levels. Look forward to seeing you at our studio!