June 21, 2018

Prenatal Yoga at Titanium Yoga

Why do I love yoga?

The reasons are endless, but my favorite class to teach is Titanium Yoga’s Oxygen class, otherwise known as prenatal yoga.

An oxygen class is unlike any other. Everyone in the room is on the same journey. They trade stories and share suggestions. It is 75 minutes of openness, understanding, preparing our bodies, but also leaning on each other. I love seeing the connection made, and, of course, seeing the beautiful babies!

Before opening Titanium Yoga, I knew I had to have prenatal yoga offered at the studio. I wanted it to be a one-stop yoga shop. I didn’t want women to have to leave and go somewhere because they don’t feel “at home” just because they’re pregnant.

 I also want to educate women on why prenatal classes are safer than continuing their pre-pregnancy fitness regiment.

The benefits of prenatal yoga are many, including:

  • developing and maintaining stamina and strength;
  • calming the nervous system;
  • relieving tension in the lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders;
  • increasing balance for optimal fetus growth;
  • connecting with baby;
  • increasing circulation;
  • creating a sense of community and sisterhood; and
  • preparing you for labor.

Don’t just take it from me.


“Prenatal yoga helped me prepare for birth and have a healthy pregnancy. I was able to work up until the day I went into labor, and I had an easy recovery, which I believe was because of prenatal yoga.”
– Sarah H.

“As women we tend to neglect our self care and when you’re expecting it’s even crazier! You’re so worried about prepping for baby you forget to take time for yourself. Titanium’s prenatal yoga classes were a great opportunity to take time, to breathe and connect with your baby while prepping your body for labor. I wish I had started sooner! Ashley was amazing and catered each class to each mom’s needs.”
– Kristen T.

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