May 10, 2018

Breaking Ground

As I planned for the opening of Titanium Yoga, I knew it had to be in Ponte Vedra Beach.

This is my home, and when I was looking for a yoga studio for my practice, it surprised me that there was not a yoga studio in Ponte Verde Beach.

I started to scout locations for Titanium Yoga. It was a long search to find a property that checked the most boxes, but I found one at 111 Solana Road, Suite A.

A friend of mine owns a Pilates studio, and she told me to “get ready” because the process will take twice as long as I think.

Was she right!

Getting the proper permits took time, but that was to be expected. What I did not see coming was the zoning issue. The previous business in the space was a fitness studio, but apparently, a yoga studio is different, and we had to get the space rezoned. That process only took four months. Then it took two months to get a sign approved.

But today, we are rocking and rolling!

I have the best team of contractors and designers. They are bringing my vision to life. I love to visit yoga studios all over the world, and, by my count, I’ve been to over 200 of them.

I am taking what I love from those experiences and bringing it to Ponte Verde Beach.

We will have an infrared heat system for its healing properties from Chicago.

Mixed martial arts flooring from Ohio – you can practice yoga without a mat because of this fabulous flooring!

And we will have an incredible lighting system from Colorado.

Titanium Yoga is going to be unlike any studio you have ever been to, and I cannot wait to share my vision with all of you.

There’s plenty more to come …