March 26, 2023

Yoga has taught me…

Yoga has taught me to be patient.

I’m that person that can’t have an unopened email, I must answer every phone call and I can’t have any notifications on my phone. I try and always be on time. I overstretch my daily schedule. Sometimes I forget to eat because I just go, go,go.

When I find these things happening I have to step back, silence my phone, turn off my computer and take a yoga class. Take 60 minutes for ME!

I’m not just saying this because I’m a yoga professional!

Years ago, our studio manager Tiffany told me one sentence that LITERALLY changed my life. After class, don’t look at your phone for 1 hour. Just simply take time and be.

Today, we are all SO connected but sometimes I just want a flip phone or a nap to unwind. Yoga has taught me patience by being uncomfortable in a pose and sticking with it.  I’ve had to be patient nailing a headstand or side crow, it only happens over time. Hey, to this day, I can’t do a handstand but maybe by the time I’m 40!