October 11, 2018


From the moment you walk through the front door of Titanium Yoga, you’ll see and feel the different.

Every detail was carefully thought through to support and enhance our philosophy:

At Titanium Yoga, you are focused on improving your quality of life.

We want to help you Become Unbreakable.

Before opening Titanium Yoga, I worked in the fashion industry. One of my favorite parts of creating Titanium Yoga was finding the best products and bringing them to Jacksonville.

I searched high and low for products that weren’t carried in Florida or even the East Coast as well as being green, locally made and consciously sourced.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked through the front door of a yoga studio before realizing I forgot my yoga mat. You, too?

We’ve got you covered.

Titanium Yoga only uses Liforme Yoga Mats. These high quality, eco-friendly, made in London yoga mats will change your life!

First off, you will never slip.

Second, there’s an alignment chart on the mat so you know where your hands and feet go.

If you’re an Unlimited Monthly Member you receive a free mat rental at every class.

One of my favorite brands we sell at Titanium Yoga is called HPE (Human Performance Equipment), based and made in London.

I tried hundreds of yoga brands, searching for that perfect yoga pant. The first time I tried on HPE, I was at Sweat Boutique in Bel Aire. The owner, Wendy, gave me a pair, and they slid on my leg like butter.

No bunching, no tugging and pulling to get them in the right place, and they come right off when you’re sweaty.

I was immediately hooked.

Hands down, these were the best quality yoga pant that performed that I had EVER practiced in. I had to be the first studio in Florida to carry them!

Titanium Yoga is still on the search for the perfect snacks for the studio, but our first venture down this road is with an incredible start-up based in Boston called Pricklee.

Every time I travel, I love going to local farmers markets to see what’s new and upcoming. That’s how I found Pricklee, one hot day in Boston.

It was like seeing a hydration oasis.

I’m not a huge fan of coconut water or Kombucha, but one sip of Pricklee Superfruit Water and I was hooked. It tastes delicious – not too sweet – and I loved feeling hydrated.

Plus, the amino acids, antioxidants, and taurine make it amazing for muscle recovery after a workout.

Ready to try?

Pop into Titanium Yoga soon to grab a class – you can find our class schedule here  – and check out these awesome products to help you Become Unbreakable.