October 25, 2018

This Is How We Roll

“Your First Step to Becoming Unbreakable”

 Those are the words you will see as soon as you walk into Titanium Yoga’s studio, literally under your feet as you take your first steps to becoming unbreakable.

Before opening Titanium Yoga, I visited over 200 studios all over the world and have brought all of my favorite healing properties here to our Ponte Vedra Beach studio.

What makes Titanium Yoga unique?

First, our heating system.
At Titanium Yoga, we use infrared heat. Our studio is warm like Arizona – we have enough humidity outside in Florida!

This allows the heat to penetrate the skin three layers deep and heal you from the inside out.

Read more about the benefits of infrared heat here. w

Next, our flooring.

Take one step into the studio and take a little bounce.

Feel that?!

The flooring is Mixed Martial Arts floor. If I have one pet peeve, it’s going to a yoga studio where they want you to practice on hardwood or concrete.

Utilizing such a supportive floor allows your knees and joints to feel supported and engages your abs for balancing exercises.

Last but not least, our commitment to going green.

While we are healing and strengthening you in your practice, we are working to do our part to heal our planet.

I have always been a nut about recycling so it’s no surprise that I try to “green” our studio.

When Titanium Yoga first opened, we used paper towels in the restrooms. Recently, we changed everything to hand towels and washcloths to help save on our paper consumption.

When sourcing our heating system and flooring company, I used eco-friendly companies that share my philosophy and commitment to going green.

Here at Titanium Yoga, we want to make our bodies unbreakable as well as our environment!

Join us for a class and see the difference yourself. You can find our class schedule here.