June 18, 2023

What you need to know about Sound Therapy

Did you know Tiffany is a certified Sound Therapist? What does that mean you may ask…

Just like yoga is more than movement, sound therapy is so much more than making sounds.
Sound healing uses different frequencies and harmonics to trigger different effects in the body, such as pain reduction, alleviating symptoms of depression, decreasing blood pressure and anxiety, and so much more.
Sound therapy requires training, case studies, experience, and knowledge about music theory, science, Eastern philosophy, and more. While, playing with these instruments at home for yourself can be fun and helpful in some cases, true sound therapy sessions require being able to distinguish dissonance in energy fields and knowing what to do and where to go throughout the session.

Not all sound baths and sessions are created equally, it’s not to call anyone out or label as bad, but think of it this way… is talking to your friend the same as talking to a therapist? Don’t be afraid to ask practitioners their training backgrounds, experience, questions you may have. You should feel comfortable with the person you are trusting to guide you throughout your session. With over 1,000 hours of training and experience, Tiffany is dedicated to helping others in a safe, effective, and ethical way. ✨

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