February 3, 2023

You never know where life will go!

Last month, it was a warm January day in Florida and I was asked to model for Cabana Life. If you know me, make up and hair outside of a bun happens only a few times a year. It was wonderful spending the day with other Palm Valley entrepreneurs and getting all glammed up! Check out my story below and click the link to learn more about Cabana Life and this powerful group of women.


A true woman of steel, or in this case titanium, Ashley Hanna is wearing our Palm Valley One Shoulder Maxi Dress.

Why did you start your business?

“I founded Titanium Yoga almost 5 years ago after suffering a life altering car accident in 2016 that broke half of my body & I landed in a wheelchair & was never supposed to walk again. I have a family history of addiction & was on a mission to live a ‘normal life’ walk, run, play sports & workout. I didn’t want to be another person addicted to opioids. My surgeon suggested yoga to help my pain & get off opioids. I can honestly say, yoga rehabilitated me & I truly believe yoga can heal you physically, mentally and emotionally!”

Take a class at their flagship location in Ponte Vedra Beach or their new spot in Fruit Cove.

Why do you enjoy most about being a business owner?

“Helping people. It’s my passion. Whether assisting in the rehabilitation of someone after a life altering fall or helping a mom cope with trauma after a miscarriage, Titanium Yoga is has become an invaluable part of the community & I’m enormously proud of our role in bettering the lives of those we serve.”

Why do you love Palm Valley & Ponte Vedra?

“I love our community! I’ve lived all around the US: Arizona, Chicago, New York City, Dallas & now Ponte Vedra Beach. Moving to Florida I knew no one. I’ve built my own community without family, but it feels like home. The teachers are my friends & so are the yogis. It’s fun to make them sweat in a class & then be invited into their homes or go have wine with them around town. I’ve never lived anywhere this long. They’ve embraced this West Coast girl & they’re my Florida family.

I love waking up in the morning & each day is different & a blast. I get to work along side my best friends, building something & making people feel more comfortable in their bodies. I love how close knit this community is & if I didn’t live in Florida I don’t think myself or my business would be as successful. As Titanium grows older, more wonderful opportunities arise that I didn’t dream of 5 years ago.”

To read more about the other awesome women of Palm Valley: https://www.cabanalife.com/blogs/news/people-of-palm-valley