August 8, 2019

Props are Friends, Not Decoration!

We know, it seems like most expert yogis can do all poses are their own, but that’s not true! Props are for everyone, they are our friends, and they hold so many benefits when assisting us in our poses, they’re here to help!

Now, we know that for 80% of the population – down-dog is not a ’resting posture’ (FYI no posture really is!).

But, truly, we know that this shape not only is really challenging—but it’s also really easy to get injured from if you are constantly doing in incorrectly.

If you find yourself needing to make fists because of sore or weak wrists, don’t be silly! First, assess if this is the right shape for your body, if not no biggie! Take child’s pose or puppy!

If you are determined to make it happen, then try grabbing two blocks to plant your hands on. This will help stabilize you and bring the ground up, now that’s smart!