December 6, 2018

Love the Holidays But Good Grief…

What thoughts are going through your mind this holiday season?

“I can’t get it all done.”

“Ugh … my family.” 

“I’m lonely.”

“Where did all these people come from?!”

“I have too many parties!”

“I’m exhausted.”

“I haven’t accomplished my 2018 New Year’s resolution yet!”

What’s the answer to all this stress?


As another stressful holiday season descends upon us, this year you should turn to yoga.

The experts at Harvard Medical School report that those who practice yoga have a more positive body image, are more mindful eaters and see weight loss boosted.

I know I love yoga. It has helped me personally, and it is helping others in our community become unbreakable.

During the holiday season, we tend to put others first and put ourselves on the backburner. Continuing or starting a yoga practice before all the New Year’s resolutioners will allow you to dive into your mind, body and spirit during the most stressful time of the year.

We all see pictures of yogis being bent like pretzels on social media, but that’s not what we have in mind. We want you to be part of an environment that soothes you.

Take one hour out of your day for you.

Our first suggestion? Try one of Amelia’s classes. Amelia wholeheartedly believes in the power of mediation, and she will relax away all your holiday stress.

How about a nice lavender towel placed over your head for a five-minute shavasana? You know, lavender oil aids in relaxation.

It is great taking care of your family and loved ones and celebrating the holidays to the fullest, but don’t lose yourself in the memories and the magic.

Let Titanium Yoga take care of YOU this holiday season.

Join us for a class today.