July 11, 2019

Don’t Be Silly, Be Smarter!

Alignment is so important when it comes to yoga, it doesn’t matter if you can lay your hand flat on the ground or achieve what looks like the perfect triangle pose, if your alignment is off, your safety and possibility of injuries are at risk, and that is just silly! We want you to always stay safe in your postures to sustain longevity in your practice. So let us break it down how to be smarter when it comes to your alignment!

The proper and improper way of performing the Warrior 2 yoga pose.

Now when it comes to Trikonasana, which we love so much, but as a whole, there are so many things that could go wrong.

Before you even reach for the ground, get yourself set up! Your front foot should be intersecting with the back arch, making a T. External rotation in the front leg, think Warrior 2, the knee is turning towards the pinky toe.

Now as you reach down—to a block—let your bottom rib cage lead. Of course, bandhas should be engaged as well as breath.

Do not prioritize reaching your toes over the alignment. Use your props to make the shape work for your body.

It may take some practice, but using props to your benefits and prioritizing alignment will go a long way in your yoga journey, and we can guarantee your practice will become a lot smarter!