May 24, 2023

5 Year Anniversary!

In 2016, I never thought I would walk again, let alone run after my 19 month old! Boy does the time fly, I can’t believe Titanium Yoga has been open for 5 years. It seems like just yesterday, May 24th, 2018, I held my breath and wondered, “will anyone walk in our front doors?” Today, thousands of people have walked in our front doors. Names have changed, faces have changed but one thing hasn’t changed. Our goal…

An environment where you can heal holistically from trauma.

Some of you may know my story. Other’s might think, “Titanium Yoga, that’s an odd name for a yoga studio”. Titanium Yoga began on May 3, 2016 when I was in a near fatal car accident snapping my right femur in half, my right shoulder came out of the skin and my left hand was crushed. I was told I would never lead a “normal life”. Never be able to go running, never workout, except physical therapy, and never walk again. I don’t believe in the word “never” and what people don’t understand, is if you tell me “never”, I will fight every way to make it happen.

Yoga healed me! After 6 months of physical therapy, cupping, acupuncture, chiropractic care, MRI’s, X-Ray’s, experimental medical studies… my surgeon suggested I try hot yoga. I went to a chain studio that happened to have heat & that changed my life trajectory.

I was addicted to oxycontin at this point because I was in so much pain. After 60 minutes of laying in one yoga class and doing zero movement, I felt 90% less pain, I never took an opioid after that class! Adding yoga to my PT, OT, cupping and acupuncture made me go from a wheel chair to walker in 3 weeks. Walker to a cane in 3 weeks and cane to walking on my own 2 feet, 3 weeks later.

Yoga gave me freedom! I knew I wanted to share the gift of yoga with the rest of the world and tell anyone that would listen the healing powers of natural medicine and that’s when Titanium Yoga was founded.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for the titanium in my body, holding me together and Titanium Yoga, where every day, I just hope to make one more person comfortable in their own skin. Life is a journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!